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The Chemical Choir: A History of Alchemy

The Chemical Choir: A History of Alchemy


by P. G. Maxwell-Stuart



Beginning in China in the search for the secret of immortality, and appearing independently in Egypt as an attempt to produce gold through the arts of smelting and alloying metals, Alchemy received a great boost in Europe from studies by Islamic and Jewish alchemists. Translated into Latin and then combined with what was known of Greek natural science these accounts provoked an outburst of attempts to manipulate matter and to change it into transformative substances known as the Philosopher's Stone or the Elixir of Life.

 Alchemy's heyday in Europe was the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Demonstrations of the art were performed in royal courts and specimens of the gold so transmuted can be seen in various museums today. During the nineteenth century, attempts were made to amalgamate alchemy with the religious and occult philosophies then growing in popularity...


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  • Alchemy Books

    Five treatises of the philosophers stone - Alfonso V King of Portugal

    A Revelation of the Secret Spirit - Giovan Battista Agnello

    Centrum Naturae Concentratum, or the Salt of Nature Regenerated - Ali Puli

    Annus Sophiae Jubilaeus, The Sophic Constitution - Anon.

    Chymical, Medicinal and Chyrurgical Addresses - Anon.

    The Excellent virtues and uses of the Great Antidote of Van Helmont - Anon.

    The Cure of Old Age and Preservation of Youth - Roger Bacon

    A little treatise of Astronomy - Anthony Askham

    Frier Bacon, his Discovery of the Miracles of Art, Nature and Magick - Roger Bacon

    The Mirror of Alchemy - Roger Bacon

    Magnalia Naturae, or the philosophers stone - Johann Joachim Becher

    Blagraves Astrological practice of Physick - Joseph Blagraves

    Sanguis Naturae - Christoph Brummet

    Philosophia Maturata - Lancelot Coelson

    The Philosophical Epitaph of William Cooper - William Cooper

    Mr Culpepper's Treatise of Aurum potabile - Nicholas Culpeper

    Fasciculus Chemicus, or Chymical Collections - Arthur Dee

    Choice and experimented receipts in Physick and Chirurgery - Sir Kenelm Digby

    A Choice Collection of Rare Secrets - Sir Kenelm Digby

    A brief answer of Josephus Quercetanus - Joseph Du Chesne

    The practice of Chymical and Hermetical Physick, for the preservation of health - Joseph Du Chesne

    The Curious Distillatory - Johann Sigismund Elsholtz

    An Exact Collection of the choicest and most rare experiments and secrets in Physick - Leonardo Fioravanti

    A Discourse upon Chyrurgery - Leonardo Fioravanti

    A Joyfull Jewell - Leonardo Fioravanti

    Three Exact Pieces - Leonardo Fioravanti

    Nicholas Flamel, his Exposition of the Heiroglyphical Figures- Nicholas Flamel

    A Chymical Dictionary - J.F.

    The Art of Distillation - John French

    Aurifontina Chymica - John Frederick Houpreght

    The Philosophical Furnaces - Johann Rudolf Glauber

    The Works of Glauber - Johann Rudolf Glauber

    The Family Physician and the House Apothecary - Gideon Harvey

    Arcana Philosophia, or Chymical Secrets - John Headrich

    One hundred fifty three chymical aphorisms - Franciscus Mercurius Helmont

    The Golden Calf, which the world adores and desires - Johann Helvetius

    A New Method of Rosie Crucian Physick - John Heydon

    The Golden Age, or the Reign of Saturn reviewed - Hortolanus Junior

    The works of Geber - Jabir ibn Hayyan

    A Hermetical Banquet, dressed by a Spagyrical Cook- James Howell

    Elhavareuna, or the English Physician's Tutor - John Heydon

    The Wiseman's Crown, or the Glory of the Rosie Cross - John Heydon

    The Tomb of Semiramis, hermetically sealed - HVD

    An Appendix to the unlearned Alchemist - George Kendall

    Fundamenta Chymica - L.C.

    The book of secrets of Albertus Magnus - Saint Albertus Magnus

    Hermetical Physick - Heinrich Nolle

    An Excellent Treatise showing such perilous & contagious infirmities, as shall ensue 1559 & 1566 - Nostradamus

    Sal, Lumen & Spiritus Mundi Philosophici - Clovis Hesteau Nuisement

    A Hundred and fourteen experiments and cures - Paracelsus, Hollandus, Quercetanus

    An Excellent Treatise teaching how to cure the French Pocks - Paracelsus

    Of the Nature of Things - Paracelsus

    Paracelsus, his Archidoxis; or chief teachings, in Ten books - Paracelsus

    Paracelsus, his Aurora & Treasure of the Philosophers - Paracelsus

    Paracelsus, his Dispensatory and Chirurgery - Paracelsus

    Paracelsus of the Chymical Transmutation of Metals and Minerals - Paracelsus

    The First part of the Key of Philosophy - Paracelsus

    A Tractate of the Universal Panacea - William Park

    A New Method of Physick - Simeon Partlicius

    Penotus' Palimeis, or The Alchymist's Enchiridion - Bernard Georges Penotus

    An Exposition upon Sir George Ripley's Epistle to King Edward IV - Eirenaeus Philalethes

    A Breviary of Alchemy - Eirenaeus Philalethes

    Collectanea Chymica - Eirenaeus Philalethes

    The Marrow of Alchemy - Eirenaeus Philalethes

    The Secret of the Immortal Liquor called Alkahest, or Ignis-Aqua - Eirenaeus Philalethes

    Three Tracts of the Great Medicine of Philosophers - Eirenaeus Philalethes

    Philadelphia, or Brotherly Love to the Studious in the Hermetic Art - Eyreneus Philoctetes

    Two books of Physick - Jean Prevost

    The Compound of Alchemy - George Ripley

    The Tillage of Light, or a True Discovery of the Philosphical Elixir - Patrick Scot

    A New Light of Alchemy - Michael Sendivogius

    George Starkey's pill - George Starkey

    Liquor Alchahest, or a Discourse of that Immortal Dissolvent of Paracelsus and Helmont - George Starkey

    Otto Tachenius, his Clavis to the Ancient Hippocratical Physick or Medicine - Otto Tachenius

    Otto Tachenius, his Hippocrates Chymicus - Otto Tachenius

    An easie Introduction to the Philosopher's Magickal Gold - George Thor

    Aphorismi Urbigerani, or Certain, Infallible ways of preparing the Grand Elixir - Baro Urbigerus

    Basilius Valentinus, his Last Will and Testament - Basil Valentine

    Basil Valentine his Triumphant Chariot of Antimony - Basil Valentine

    Of Natural & Supernatural Things - Basil Valentine

    Of the Secrets of Antimony - Alexander van Suchten

    Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum - Robert Vaughan

    Metallographia, or An History of Metals - John Webster

    Four books of Johannes Weidenfeld, concerning the Secrets of the Adepts - Johannes Segerus Weidenfeld

  • Magick Books

    Occult Philosophy in Three Books - Agrippa von Nettesheim

    The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy - Agrippa von Nettesheim

    The Book of Secrets of Albertus Magnus - Saint Albertus Magnus

    Friar Bacon, his Discovery of the Miracles of Art, Nature and Magick - Roger Bacon

    Medicina Magica Tamen Physica - Samuel Boulton

    The Geomancie of Maister Christopher - Christofor Cattan

    Art and Nature joyn hand in hand - John Durant

    Unheard of Curiosites, Talismanical sculpture of the Persians - Jacques Gaffarel

    The Divine Pymander of Hermes - Hermes Trismegistus

    Asclepius - Hermes Trismegistus

    The English Physitian's Holy Guide - John Heydon

    Theomagia, or the Temple of Wisdom in Three books - John Heydon

    The Book of Palmistry and Physiognomy - Johannes Indagine

    Daemonologie, in form of a dialogue - King James I

    The Magick of Kirani, King of Persia - Kiranus and Harpocration

    Medicina Diastatica, or Sympatheticall Mumie - Paracelsus

    Of the Supreme Mysteries of Nature - Paracelsus

    Natural Magick, in two parts - John Baptista Porta

    A Theatre of the Planetary Houres - George Simotta

    Ars Notoria, the notary Art of Solomon - Robert Turner

    Anima Magica Abscondita - Philalethes (Thomas Vaughan)

    Anthroposophia Theomagica - Philalethes

    Magia Adamica, the Antiquity of Magic - Philalethes

    Occult Physick, or the Three Principles in Nature - W.W.

    Magick and Astrology Vindicated - Hardick Warren

  • Astrology Books

    Jack Adams his perpetual almanack - Jack Adams

    The astrological physitian - William Andrews

    A little treatise of Astronomy - Anthony Askham

    An apology or, defence of the divine art of natural astrology - George Atwell

    An astrolo-physical compendium, or, A brief introduction to astrology - Richard Ball

    Astrolabium uranicum generale - John Blagrave

    Blagrave's Introduction to astrology in three parts - Joseph Blagrave

    Blagraves astrological practice of physick - Joseph Blagrave

    The geomancie of Maister Christopher Cattan - Cristoforo Cattan

    Indago astrologica: or, a brief and modest enquiry into some principal points of astrology - Joshua Childrey

    Clavis astrologiae - Henry Coley

    Cometomantia, A discourse of comets - John Edwards

    Animal cornutum, or The horn'd beast - John Gadbury

    Astrologia reformata - Robert Godson

    An astrological judgement touching theft - Anthony Griffin

    An astrological discourse - Sir Christopher Heydon

    Demonstration of astrology - William Hunt

    The book of palmestry and physiognomy - Johannes Indagine

    Hagiastrologia, or, The most sacred and divine science of astrology - Joseph B.

    Christian astrology, modestly treated of in three books - William Lilly

    An explication of the diall set up in the Kings garden - Francis Line

    The five books of Mr. Manilius containing a system of the ancient astronomy and astrology - Marcus Manilius

    Defectio geniturarum - John Partridge

    Country astrology in three books - John Poole

    Astrologia restaurata, or, Astrology restored - William Ramesey

    The astrological judgment and practice of physick - Richard Saunders

    A theater of the planetary houres for all dayes of the yeare - George Simotta

    A book of knowledge in three parts - Samuel Strangehopes

    Astrological institutions - Robert Turner

    Magick & Astrology vindicated - Hardick Warren

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